Frequently Asked Questions

Who manages CCNL?

The CCNL HOA Board is a not-for-profit Tennessee Corporation that consists of 7 unpaid volunteer lot and/or home owners who currently represent 376 CCNL lot and/or home owners who are members of the HOA via their ownership of a CCNL lot and/or home.  The Board employs Associa TN to perform property financial billing, reporting, and other administrative tasks.

The CCNL Associa representative is Judith Hosseini who can be contacted at or by calling 615.775.9050.

What are the Clearwater Cove Norris Lake (CCNL) covenants?

The CCNL covenants that are on recorded and on file with the Campbell County Tennessee Register of Deeds can be reviewed at this link

Are there building restrictions?
Yes, the HOA Architectural Review Board (ARB Guidelines) state the building specification and materials requirements for home building. The HOA Governing Documents consisting of the CCNL Covenants and By-Laws and The CCNL ARB Guidelines can be downloaded at this link.

If you have questions regarding the CCNL HOA building restrictions or wish to submit construction documents for review, please email the Architectural Review Board @

Is there a marina available?
Yes. There is a gated, privately owned marina with boat slips available for rent. There is also a year-round water accessible private boat ramp with plenty of room for easily launching your boat. There is boat trailer parking available for CCNL property owners.

Slips may be rented on a first come, first served basis. For more information contact Lifetime Docks LLC @ (423) 566-7400.

Are the Swimming Pool and Pavilion private?
Yes. This area is for the exclusive use of HOA members and their guests.
What are the annual HOA fees?
The HOA Board currently assesses annual dues using bottom-up budgeting. That means that the Annual Dues are assessed based only upon the cost of the minimum community maintenance required each year. Bottom-up budgeting is done to make sure we only spend what is required to maintain the community and to avoid the need for special assessments.

For the past five years (2019-2023) the HOA Board has voted that the Annual Dues remain at $578. An additional annual Sewer System Access fee of $120 is levied for lots without homes constructed on them. The Sewage System Access fee is eliminated after you build a home at CCNL.

What utilities are available?
LaFollette city water, underground electric, and sewer are available in Phase 1 and 3 at CCNL. The CCNL HOA owns the state-of the-art sewage system.  See the ARB Guidelines Appendix D Sewage System for sewage systems costs. Natural Gas is not provided at CCNL however propane gas is available if tanks are installed per ARB guidelines.